Monthly Meeting 1/27/19

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Attendees: Chloe TouzeLeo LaskinAndrew DowLynn ConnollyGayle HallTina DowRichie DenmarkElliott DirrBernard BrzezinskiDerek Ferguson

Andrew started off by welcoming everyone to the 3rd SEUE member meeting. There are lots of new things going on as we build our community and welcome new divers.

Max continued to talk about the membership structure that consists of two levels:
Supporter- (free) can show up to events but has limited access to certain resources.
Explorer- ($35 annually) Invited to socials, and other events that the club essentially pays for. This may include demo days, instructor workshops, and other cool events.

Leo showed us around the website ( and explained the process of becoming a member. To register as a member simply go to the website, click on the member tab, and complete the registration. All members are invited to events, generally on a first come first serve basis. Our first event will be on Feb 16 out of Jupiter Dive Center. Members will receive a few goodies!!! If you are planning on attending please call Jupiter Dive Center and let them know you are with SEUE. Please also make sure to have filled out the liability waiver that can be found on our website.

Richie talked about how the logo was coming along. The current logo is a pig who is diving with double tanks and a scooter. We got the pig idea from the fact that in the south east “SEEEUUUUEEEEE” is how farmers call their pigs. We think that this fun logo will help give the organization a cool and unique identity.

Bernard and Andrew spoke about how the website is going to slowly evolve as we grow.

Max greatly encourages all those interested in the organization to sign up for a membership so that we can get an accurate head count and list of members.

Andrew finished the meeting by thanking everyone for showing up and describing how excited we all are for the future of this organization.