Monthly Meeting 3/21/2019

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Attendees: Max Frenkel, , Mike Winters, Chloe Touze, Richie DenmarkLynn ConnollyElliott DirrEric FineLeo LaskinBernard BrzezinskiAndrew DowTina DowJames Baldwin,



We are going to standardize the meeting dates and have them on the 3rd Thursday of every month. We will also start emailing members a week before, as well as the night before the meetings.

From now on, we will be starting meetings off with an introduction/welcome, then continue by talking about news within SEUE as well as membership info (this includes trips and upcoming events), and lastly we will take any questions or suggestions.

We highly encourage everybody to pitch in ideas and suggestions for the group.

The new logo is almost done (link below), and Richie just needs to add some finishing touches. (Don’t forget to greet fellow members with out call “SEEEUUUUUEEEE”…/1mmhbUhtpnFeLdAo6nv1BwXcntI…/view


We are working on coming up with ideas for Explorer level trips. As stated before, we are always looking for suggestions. We may work on getting trips or workshops set up throughout Florida, maybe even during the 2019 GUE Conference.

We have a total of 21 Explorer members
131 Facebook members (17 in the past month)


We encourage everybody to share the group with other friends who may be interested so that we can “build a community around diving”. We are open to divers (and non divers) of all skill levels, and even though we have some guidelines, there are certainly no requirements as long as everyone is being safe and diving within their boundaries.

The next trip we have planned is a drift dive down Rainbow River (April 6th). Please get in contact with us if you are interested in joining. Snorkelers are welcome as well if you want to bring any friends or family that may not be divers.


We really want to know what people are interested as far as trips and events go.

The idea of cleanups and community outreach events was mentioned and we are looking for places that could use a little help, so please reach out if you know of any locations.


Mer will be in South Florida over the summer (June/September) and will let us know when its time to start booking boats in case anyone wants to join ( open to rec and tec divers)


Project Baseline Florida Springs is a great way to get involved in recording data for conservation efforts. You can take pictures of basins from either in or out of the water which helps record information such as water level and clarity.


Next meeting will be the 3rd Thursday of April and we look forward to it. Please bring suggestions or ides, that you would like to propose and message us if you would like to have meeting time dedicated to any relevant topic.