Meeting Minutes 04/18/2019

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Chloe Touze, Randy Mintz, Max Frenkel, Leo Laskin, Andrew Dow, Richie Denmark, Mike Winters


Andy: Welcomed everyone to the 6th SEUE meeting. 
Please feel more than free to let us know if there is anything that you would like added to the board agenda so that we can discuss it during the board meetings. 
The Rainbow River drift dive went really well. We got lots of great pictures and had a variety of divers that attended. It was an awesome opportunity for everyone to have fun and let loose.

Richie: The SEUE Logo is finalized, everyone can check it out on the SEUE Facebook page or on the SEUE website. The logo has a bit of a funny story since it was originally a stock photo of a pig with a jet-pack.

(Awesome job RIchie!!!!)

Andy: We are looking at t-shirt designs and hoping to see if there is a general interest in t-shirts and if so what colors would be preferred. We are also working on getting some stickers. Both of the above will be available on the website at some point. We will put out an announcement when they are completed.

Membership count-

Leo: We have a total of 44 members both locally and internationally, and we are so glad to see the group slowly expanding.

Upcoming trips and events-

Max: Our next SEUE trip will be out of South Florida Dive Headquarters in Pompano Beach on May 18th, 2019. 
The boat will drop divers off at the Okinawa wreck which was recently sunk at 80-90 FT and available to most divers. There may be another dive on Sunday for those who want to spend more time down south.