Meeting Minutes 05/16/2019

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Richie Denmark, Leo Laskin, Max Frenkel, Wail Shudar, Mike Winters, Eric Fine

Richie opened the meeting with a greeting and intros to the group. Not a ton to discuss this month.

Stickers are available for SEUE members. Explorer members will get a free sticker. Please email with your mailing address or tell us you want to pick it up at EE. We will happily mail it out otherwise.

Please also drop us a note( if you are interested in a TShirt for SEUE shirts. We are working on quotes for how to get those made up with the SEUE logo. Please provide your shirt size.

There was a request to help find a prosthetic leg, they are doing a search and recovery and cleanup dive at Rainbow River with Next Level Diving. This is another local FL group that is involved in local diving. (

If any group members have ideas for cleanups or other volunteer opportunities please let us know! We would definitely be interested in running one!

BIG NEWS: We are working on our first Explorer members only event. We will be working on an educational workshop or dive event. Remember to sign up at!

Currently there are 55 members and roughly 25 of those are Explorer level mbmers

Mike pointed out that we haven’t been great about using the mailing list and that we should be better at mailing things out to the SEUE mailing list and page. The board will endeavor to be better at communication. If you are looking to get in touch with the board, or are feeling left out please email us at and we will happily touch base!

Wail asked how long we allow for members to request time off / schedule events in advance. We are working on announcing them a month out. We are also going to do weekly announcements once we make our initial announcement.

Thanks for attending and reading these meeting minutes.