Meeting Minutes June 20, 2019

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Chloe Touze, Leo Laskin, Max Frenkel, Jordan Peterson, Andy Dow, Tina Dow, Yuko Takegoshi

Andy started the meeting by talking about our new event page on the website, as well as our new stickers. Explorer members can get a free sticker upon request (shoot us an email).

The GUE conference is coming up (Nov 8-10), and lots of instructors are scheduling classes (check the GUE website for more details). SEUE is also looking to sponsor a booth or event at the conference so keep your eye out for us during the conference.

Max spoke about the upcoming SEUE pompano dive (Sat, July 13- Sunday July 14). We’ll be hitting the Capt. Dan, the Okinawa, and the Copenhagen, all of which are recreational dives with a 70ft max. On the second day we’ll be going out to the Lady Luck which sits a little bit deeper and could be considered a Tec dive. Feel free to shoot us a message if you have any questions about the trip, and check the Facebook page for any updates. Also, please let us know if you have any intention on coming to dinner so we can pick a restaurant accordingly.

Please send us your waivers prior to the trip so we can be prepared and ready for some smooth sailing!

Jordan led the conversation on how we can help establish a community a bit further up north in the Georgia/Carolina area, and perhaps even plan some trips. Jordan might get in touch with his local dive shops as a good starting point.

Our goal is to get organized in other areas near and far, and we encourage you to take the lead if you have an idea for an event or social. You can communicate any ideas with us through our e-mail or through the Facebook group.