Meeting Minutes July 18, 2019

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Attendees: Bernard BrzezinskiLeo LaskinMax FrenkelYuko TakegoshiChloe TouzeAndrew DowCorgi CampbellKenny HartpenceTina Dow, Braddock Brzezinski, John FitzgeraldJordan Christopher, Kenny Hartpence, John Fitzgerald

Andy started the meeting by mentioning that we don’t have any new website members, but that we do have a new SEUE Instagram (@seuedivers).

Max spoke about our plan to participate in the GUE Conference, as well as doing another event in north FL. Max also spoke about how he started a Project Baseline project at the blue heron bridge in south Florida.

Kristi spoke a bit about this project, and three new coordinates that will start to be monitored by Project Baseline members. She is willing to donate 2 spots a month on her boat for Baseline divers to get photos and measurements. There will be a map up soon for these new sites if you want to help collect data. It’s unfortunate that some of these sites are so easily accessible and heavily trafficked, this is why we hope some solid data and photos will help spark change.

We are planning on having an event in cave country, to get some north Fl dives in. We can also do some open water dives for those of us who may not be cave certified, or who simply prefer the daylight.

We had a great turn out down south this past trip, and Leo Laskin got some awesome pictures. We had good conditions and even better beer! 🍻 If you were there, feel free to reach out to Leo for some of the pictures.

There are multiple SEUE board positions up for election soon! Check out our bylaws for descriptions of each position, or feel free to get in touch with a board member for more info.