Meeting Minutes August, 15 2019

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Attendees : Richie Denmark, Chloe Touze, Leo Laskin, Bernard Brzezinski, Tina Dow, Andy Dow, Lynn Connolly

Andy started the meeting off with some news:

-The GUE conference will be Nov 9-10 and the schedule is on the GUE website. There are always really cool presentations and great opportunities to meet new divers. People are registering quickly so it’s a good idea to start coordinating with dive buddies and getting plans in order. Lots of the divers attending the conference will be in town 1-2 weeks before/after conference which gives us all plenty of time to get some good dives in and meet new divers. There will also be guided diving for anyone who is interested.

-DEMA comes around soon after the conference and GUE will have a booth. There will be a few SEUE members attending so keep an eye out. Don’t forget to use the SSSEEEEUUUUEEEE call!

-We have a new GUE instructor in South Florida (Joaquin Jimenez Krijgsman) so if you’re ever down south he is a great contact to have.

-Speaking of “down south”, the SEUE community is slowly expanding and we are happy to welcome any and all new members from south Florida.

-We are finally in the process of finalizing T-shirts designs. The cost will likely be around the $25 mark and they will be available on the website soon.

Membership count:

-50 total members

-29 Explorer Members (one new this week)

-21 Supporter Members

-232 Facebook group members

-Check out our new Instagram account @seuedivers


-We don’t have any specific trips planned for the near future, but we are planning on doing an event during the conference.

-During the conference the SEUE booth will need volunteers. Send us an email if you’re interested and keep in mind that it does not need to be a whole weekend commitment.


-We want to remind everyone that we welcome divers from all backgrounds regardless of training agency and experience level.