Meeting Minutes September 19, 2019

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9/19/19 SEUE Meeting Minutes

Attendees:Andrew Max Gayle Bernard Eric Fine John F Mike Loyco Wail Yuko
1. Awesome SEUE Shirts available.Now available in Female sizes

2. Meredith and Wet Rocks Diving graciously offered to share her booth with SEUE at the GUE conference-

SEUE Banner Made! Possibly too awesome?

3. Cave Fest (November 3-7)Sunday to Thursday. great opportunity for Cave 2 divers to do some complimentary guided dives and participate in complimentary workshops.

4. GUE Conference (November 8-10)
Great opportunity to meet other GUE divers and hear from a host of fascinating speakers.

5. Members are encouraged to propose or host events. Members can also request funds to host group events.

6. Pompano SEUE Event & Social – SCUBA TRIVIA!- Yuko

7. Apparel Sales are not necessarily for a specific event, but rather to create a fund that the group can use for multiple purposes. (Events/ Workshops/ ETC)- Wail