SEUE Mexico Trip!

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May 16-25, 2020

The SEUE Travel Committee is excited to announce SEUE’s first international diving trip!

The Committee is diligently planning an exciting adventure to the Riviera from May 16 to 25 (which overlaps with Memorial Day). This will be a ten-day trip, which makes plenty of time for diving and surface activities alike. GUE instructors will be available for instruction, refreshers, and guided dives. Space is limited and filling quickly, so contact the Committee to book today! 


The Committee will arrange a large rental property in Puerto Aventuras. Currently, the expected rate will be roughly $250.00 per person for the entire trip for lodging. Puerto Aventuras is directly next to Zero Gravity, one of the world’s premiere dive shops, along with great restaurants for post-dive meals, as well as a full-service market for all of your daily needs. Some of the world’s most pristine caves are only minutes away!

Airfare and rental cars are not included. The Committee will circulate an attendee list as it develops and encourages you to arrange joint transportation. Note: if you have not been to Mexico before and rented a car, please reach out to the Committee directly, as it can be a bit tricky.


The Committee will hire guides from Zero Gravity for those interested. This price will be shared among all participating guided divers. 

Rental tanks are available at Zero Gravity with, of course, 32% nitrox!

$24 per day for double 80’s

$12 for an 80cf stage

$12 for a 40cf oxygen bottle


Contact Andrew Dow or Leo Laskin today to reserve your spot. Space is limited and filling quickly!

Deposits and Refunds

The following outlines SEUE’s deposit and refund policy for SEUE Mexico Trip (hereinafter “trip”). 

SEUE will coordinate and reserve trip lodging for trip attendees. In doing so, SEUE makes no guarantees as to the quality or availability of lodging; all disputes with regard to lodging will be between the lodging provider and the attendee. Attendees agree to hold SEUE (and its board members and advisors) harmless in any dispute over trip lodging. 

Trip lodging is reserved by paying a deposit of 200 to SEUE.  Payment is via paypal. SEUE does not guarantee availability on the trip unless and until a potential attendee pays this deposit. This deposit will be held and credited to the cost of the attendee’s total lodging cost for the trip. The balance of attendees’ lodging cost is due on May 1st, 2020. Any outstanding balance on May 1st, 2020 may subject your trip reservation to cancelation without a refund. 

Deposits are non-refundable. However, upon notice of cancelation in writing via email to SEUE President Andrew Dow at and sending a copy to the SEUE treasurer, SEUE will endeavor to fill your trip reservation with another attendee. If SEUE can fill your trip reservation before May 1st, 2020, your deposit will be refunded to you. Cancelled reservations will be filled in the chronological order of cancelation. Cancelations after May 1st, 2020 will not be refunded.

SEUE assumes no liability for any impedance to the trip or cancelation of the trip by any cause whatsoever, including but not limited to weather, war, political concerns, acts of God, or other force majeure. SEUE may cancel the trip without liability to provide a refund at any time. However, in the event of such a cancelation, SEUE will endeavor to provide refunds for all costs incurred by SEUE that are refundable to SEUE. In the event of such a cancelation, SEUE will provided an accounting to all attendees of those funds already incurred and not refundable to SEUE.

SEUE and its officers and advisors assume no responsibility for dive planning or dive safety. It is the responsibility of each diver to plan his or her dives accordingly and within the limits of his or her own experience. Divers are responsible for their own gas mixes, decompression schedule, and all other dive and safety parameters. As consideration for SEUE’s services in planning and organizing the trip, all trip attendees must sign the SEUE waiver before departure. The SEUE waiver releases SEUE and its officers and advisors from liability for injury of any kind to any trip attendee. Any person who refuses to sign the SEUE waiver may not participate in SEUE activities, including the trip.