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SEUE Meeting February 20th, 2020

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Attendees: Leo Laskin (Director), Max Frenkel (Vice President), John Fitzgerald (Treasurer), Meredith Tanguay (Advisor), Yuko Takegoshi, Jordan Christopher Summary: – Weekend wreck trip out of Stuart cancelled due to inclement weather. Reschedule Date forthcoming. – Discussion of SEUE Mexico Trip. May seems preferred date. Zero Gravity is preferred Location. Leo will pursue lodging options to determine price and will move… Read more »

Meeting Minutes September 19, 2019

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9/19/19 SEUE Meeting Minutes Attendees:Andrew Max Gayle Bernard Eric Fine John F Mike Loyco Wail Yuko 1. Awesome SEUE Shirts available.Now available in Female sizes 2. Meredith and Wet Rocks Diving graciously offered to share her booth with SEUE at the GUE conference- SEUE Banner Made! Possibly too awesome? 3. Cave Fest (November 3-7)Sunday to Thursday. great opportunity for… Read more »

Meeting Minutes August, 15 2019

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Attendees : Richie Denmark, Chloe Touze, Leo Laskin, Bernard Brzezinski, Tina Dow, Andy Dow, Lynn Connolly Andy started the meeting off with some news: -The GUE conference will be Nov 9-10 and the schedule is on the GUE website. There are always really cool presentations and great opportunities to meet new divers. People are registering quickly so it’s a good… Read more »

Meeting Minutes July 18, 2019

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Attendees: Bernard Brzezinski, Leo Laskin, Max Frenkel, Yuko Takegoshi, Chloe Touze, Andrew Dow, Corgi Campbell, Kenny Hartpence, Tina Dow, Braddock Brzezinski, John Fitzgerald, Jordan Christopher, Kenny Hartpence, John Fitzgerald Andy started the meeting by mentioning that we don’t have any new website members, but that we do have a new SEUE Instagram (@seuedivers). Max spoke about our plan to participate in the GUE Conference, as well as doing another event in… Read more »

Meeting Minutes June 20, 2019

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Attendees: Chloe Touze, Leo Laskin, Max Frenkel, Jordan Peterson, Andy Dow, Tina Dow, Yuko Takegoshi Andy started the meeting by talking about our new event page on the website, as well as our new stickers. Explorer members can get a free sticker upon request (shoot us an email). The GUE conference is coming up (Nov 8-10), and lots of instructors… Read more »

Meeting Minutes 04/18/2019

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Attendees: Chloe Touze, Randy Mintz, Max Frenkel, Leo Laskin, Andrew Dow, Richie Denmark, Mike Winters News- Andy: Welcomed everyone to the 6th SEUE meeting. Please feel more than free to let us know if there is anything that you would like added to the board agenda so that we can discuss it during the board meetings. The Rainbow River drift dive went really… Read more »

Monthly Meeting 3/21/2019

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Attendees: Max Frenkel, , Mike Winters, Chloe Touze, Richie Denmark, Lynn Connolly, Elliott Dirr, Eric Fine, Leo Laskin, Bernard Brzezinski, Andrew Dow, Tina Dow, James Baldwin, Andy- Welcome We are going to standardize the meeting dates and have them on the 3rd Thursday of every month. We will also start emailing members a week before, as well as the night before the meetings. From now on, we will be starting… Read more »

Monthly Meeting 1/27/19

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Attendees: Chloe Touze, Leo Laskin, Andrew Dow, Lynn Connolly, Gayle Hall, Tina Dow, Richie Denmark, Elliott Dirr, Bernard Brzezinski, Derek Ferguson Andrew started off by welcoming everyone to the 3rd SEUE member meeting. There are lots of new things going on as we build our community and welcome new divers. Max continued to talk about the membership structure that consists of two levels:Supporter- (free) can show up to events but… Read more »