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Monthly Meeting Minutes November 21, 2019

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SEUE meeting, 21 November 2019, at 7:30 pm EST Attendees: John Fitzgerald, Yuko Takegoshi, Waïl Shudar, Meredith Tanguay, Andrew Dow, and Tina Dow Congratulations to john Fitzgerald for his recent completion of GUE Fundamentals. SEUS shirts are still available. Please let us know if you would like to purchase. Andrew gave attendees a Conference Recap.  Opening board position: Richie is… Read more »

Meeting Minutes 05/16/2019

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Attendees: Richie Denmark, Leo Laskin, Max Frenkel, Wail Shudar, Mike Winters, Eric Fine Richie opened the meeting with a greeting and intros to the group. Not a ton to discuss this month. Stickers are available for SEUE members. Explorer members will get a free sticker. Please email with your mailing address or tell us you want to pick it… Read more »

Meeting Minutes 04/18/2019

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Attendees: Chloe Touze, Randy Mintz, Max Frenkel, Leo Laskin, Andrew Dow, Richie Denmark, Mike Winters News- Andy: Welcomed everyone to the 6th SEUE meeting. Please feel more than free to let us know if there is anything that you would like added to the board agenda so that we can discuss it during the board meetings. The Rainbow River drift dive went really… Read more »